Brent and Anna

Brent and Anna Fudge

Orphan Care Mission



Samantha's Presentation

April 2013


Samantha attended Awana for 4 years and has excelled in memorizing scripture and making friends. She shares our mission with her friends and shows a real ownership of the work God has given our family to do in Haiti. We are very proud of her and the effort she put into this presentation.

Dakota's Presentation

March 2013


Dakota is the youngest of my three children. He was asked to present our mission to his Awana class at Hartford Federated Church in Michigan. We are very proud of him and thought you would enjoy this video. The audio is light so please turn your volume up.

September 2011

Here is a few pictures from the September 2011 trip to get more information on the projected new site and its operations.

February 2012

I would like to thank HOM (Haiti Outreach Ministries) for giving me the opportunity to serve and be a part of constructing the foundations of their Des Repatries church.


Intro Video

This video aired in front of our presentation at the Indoor Orphan 12. I loved the images and video techniques Kris uses to capture the need for us to be working toward thid mission. The effects for the text speak for themselves. Enjoy.

Indoor Orphan 2012 from Kris Bargen on Vimeo.

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