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Brent and Anna Fudge

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It seems only logical to begin with the families that we both come from. Anna's parents spent 8 years in Thailand teaching at a college in Chiang Mai. Doug and Geri Umbanhowar took their family to serve both Thai and neighboring Myanmar (Burma) people. Doug continues to make trips to Pyn-Oo-Lwin, Myanmar to encourage, teach, and serve at MBI (Myanmar Bible Institute).

Brent's family has been involved in short term missions to Haiti for about 30 years, occasionally housing a Haitian student from Cincinnati Christian University. Brent's dad, Bill Fudge, has been serving three churches there with his construction skills. His mom, Dr. Sara Fudge, taught at the college related to the churches on a short term trip.

Anna recieved a Bachelor's degree from Cincinnati Bible College (currently Cincinnati Christian University) in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in early childhood development. Brent attended CBC for one year but tranferred credits to the University of Cincinnati and finished a Bachelor's degree in Construction Management. These backgrounds give an idea of our exposure to foreign cultures and some built in stability existing in the decision of going into the mission field.

Short Term Trips

In a brief synopsis, through high school and college years, Brent and Anna served on a few mission trips that helped those in other countries but also provided some definition to the direction currently taken. During her first year in college, Anna participated in a week long trip to Honduras. Brent traveled with his father to Haiti for 10 days to provide construction services. After that he served on a five week trip to Peru to encourage and build for Habitat for Humanity.

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Brent's Myanmar Trip 2008

Russ Hodgman, member of Bangor Church of Christ congregation, invited Brent on his trip to bring supplies and encourage the teachers and students at Myanmar Bible Institute. Brent accepted and found himself not just a goods carrier but also teaching college classes on Children's Ministry for some of the senior students at the college. The relationships built on this trip are still fresh in the memory and serve as a long term possible goal for a location in orphan care. A few of the teachers that Brent met currently house and care for several orphans of parents who died in the precious stone mines in northern Myanmar. He still communicates with many contacts made there.

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Brent's Haiti Trip 2010

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Port-au-Prince, Haiti in January of 2010. Six months later Brent found himself pulling and replacing footers for a damaged security wall. The trip supplied a workforce that communicated with the engineers and provided feedback regarding the conditions and possibilities of the rebuilt structure. He participated in working closely with a Haitian masonry team and taught good method for rebuilding the structure. Brent was moved by the heavy need of the culture and workforce for some semblance of stability.

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Brent and Anna's Haiti Trip February 2011

As Brent and Anna considered the future of going into orphan care, specifically with Back2Back Ministries, they were invited on an observation trip to Haiti with Life Point Community Church and Back2Back. The design of the trip was to meet "Jesus in Haiti Ministries", an organization that Back2Back is partnering with in Haiti, and experience the mission from a different point of view. Brent and Anna participated in visiting two orphanages, helping construct two tent homes and observing the "5 points of light" that "Jesus in Haiti" ministers to. The trip also served as a way to determine the feasibility of moving their family with three young children into the harsh environment. After many relationships were made and an obvious need felt, the conclusion was in favor of Haiti as a possible location for serving.

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Brent and Anna's Mexico Trip March 2011

Brent and Anna invited themselves to Monterrey, Mexico to acquaint themselves with the operations of Back2Back. Fortunately they were able to join a group from Family Christian Bookstores and saw the operations from ground level. They were able to meet with the leadership there but found an incredible amount of treasure in participating in the projects and meeting with three of the captains. The projects ranged from pouring and mixing concrete to developing relationships with the kids by just spending time in play. It was a refreshing perspective in sharing the wealth of Christ's love for the widows and orphans. Brent and Anna returned committed to working for the Lord through Back2Back.

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