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Our Support to Date

Thank you to those who have donated to the mission. We are encouraged and blessed by all who are getting behind us in this pursuit to bring the care of Christ to the orphan child.

We have raised *62% of the funds needed to begin our work in Haiti. As Anna and I continue to bring our request in front of many we pray that the Holy Spirit moves those who are able to send us.

We are driving close to the time that we are preparing to be in the field. There are churches and individuals who are considering our mission to partner. Please pray for those considerations.

We finally sold our house in Oct of 2012 and would like to praise God for that. Reaching 100% of our financial goal is the main prerequisite to beginning our mission.

*62.45% is a recorded statistic of those who have presently placed funds into the mission account and we now include those who have committed to give but are still deciding when to begin. We still need you to consider participating!

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