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A great question to ask (and we've been asked many times) is, "What will you be doing?" The easy answer is that we will be identifying the orphanages in Haiti that need help that Back2Back Ministries can supply and connecting these orphanages with the resources from the small groups that come to serve. For those who need further explanation I hope to give a detailed account for the work we intend to accomplish.

To begin, I must introduce to you an organization that has served in Haiti for over 16 years. Back2Back is not interested in reinventing the wheel and has found a strength in the service that God has instructed them to work with. A tactic Back2Back uses to enter a new site is to look for an organization to partner with to accomplish a more effective service. This organization "knows the ropes" and can bring better resources to the table than can be done coming into the new site blind. In Haiti this organization is called "Jesus in Haiti," run heavily by one man named Tom Ozbeck. To better know Tom and his organization, I encourage you to look them up on the web.


Jesus in Haiti Ministries



We plan to work closely with Tom and his growing crew to serve the orphans there. Using construction skills and guiding groups, we hope to significantly serve the needs of these little ones. There is a PDF file that outlines some of the specifics. It is the first run of an Plan of Action that helps to organize our focus areas and create a path to follow. It will change as we get closer to the date that we begin the mission and I hope that it helps to communicate, especially to those that support us, the importance and magnitude of the work God is doing thru us.

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Back2Back Ministries

Here is a link to Back2Back Ministry video page. There are great vidoes sharing the need of the orphan and the strategy Back2Back uses to bring restoration.

  • Back2Back Video Gallery
  • Please take a look at the stories generated by the work that the Lord is doing through this organization.

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