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September '11 Trip to Haiti

This last trip to Haiti was a trip to answer some critical questions of Back2Back's purpose in Port-au-Prince. I was pleased to be a part of this trip with Todd Guckenberger and Brian Bertke and be included in the analysis of what work will be done in Haiti. Todd emailed me a 4 page list of questions that he was hoping to answer in our 5 day visit there. One of the most potent questions, in my opinion, was, “What difference can B2B/Jesus in Haiti make to justify joining in Haiti the other 10,000 NGO’s (Non-Governmental Agency)?” The answer would determine the location that Anna and I would reside for the beginning of our ministry.

Upon arrival, business was usual. We met up with some of Tom Osbeck’s boys at the airport and we joined Tom and the majority of his boys at the Guest House in Bon Repo. Later that evening, the discussion hung heavily on the very question that defined the purpose of the trip. There was much debate on the process to bring a child out of poverty. But a more troubling question is what does a person/Christian Haitian do as an adult? What hope do they have to work toward?

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This will, in essence, be where we spend most of our attention in service to the orphan child. Jesus brings a spiritual hope to us in our lives as American Christians. Our lives are filled with comfort and entertainment as we plan for dinner tonight, or plan for the activities that we will do with our family this weekend. Our hope does not necessarily revolve around the hope that we have in Christ to make it through our day. Our hopes can be easily be wrapped up in things like, “I hope she doesn’t mess up my order this time,” or, “I hope I can fit in a movie this weekend.” I am included in this line of thought. I hope the weather is nice this weekend so that we can enjoy the kids’ soccer games on Saturday. We have thoughts of the future and our plans to be there are definite.

William Young uses some liberty when describing the nature of Jesus Christ in his book The Shack. I do, however, enjoy a scene where Jesus is debating with Mack, the main character, about planning for the future. Jesus asks Mack, “Do you realize that your imagination of the future…rarely, if ever, pictures me there with you?” In essence, the comforts of our lives allow a sense of self-sustaining abilities to creep into our confidence when planning for the future.

A very opposite and similar effect happens to the poor. The things that are needed to live each day are not available every day. The body deals without it’s necessities in a variety of ways, but in the end, the body breaks down into disease or sickness. Hopelessness sets in and thoughts of any future begin to disappear or the future is too bleak to face. An inability to consider the future makes it difficult to manage any kind of resource. We will try to instill into this mind set a reliance on God for provision and an entrepreneurial approach to thinking about the future.

The work that Back2Back is doing is necessary and vital to the individuals we can reach in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The need seems insurmountable at this stage of the planning, but God does big thing through people who rely on His strength. So my focus for the next several months, and maybe years, is to rely on His strength.

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