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Their Thoughts on Mexico

One of the best things about this trip is the community living that Back2Back has fostered on this campus. It is a wonderful place for our kids to thrive for the small amount of time we are training. I will let them tell you about their stay here.


Things I like about Monterrey

  • My friends
  • Pollo Loco (a restaurant)
  • Seeing mountains
  • and Playing with my friends


Things I don't like about Monterrey

  • Me getting sick (fighting a cold and sinus infection)
  • and the yellow light in the window at night
  • It's raining a lot

I like Mexico because I get to see mountains and they're really pretty. I like living in our house because we're right next to our friends houses. I like our house because it is warm and cool. I like the campus because there are nice people there. I like Mexico because it has pretty plants. I like our house because it is big and nice.

An orphan child is a happy child and has many friends and lives in a cabin, and if that child is a boy there are only boys in that cabin. An orphan child is sad too because when (someone) says, “your mom and dad are coming“ and the child waits and waits and they never come, and the child's heart thinks their mom and dad doesn't love them. They love to play with us at playgrounds and on a big slide. One day we went with a girl named Sammy. She had some orphan boys and we went biking with her boys.

One day when me, mom, and Samantha were walking to a store we saw a (dead) tarantula, and Claudia and Zua were playing at the playground, and I yelled to them to come over, and when they saw it, they screamed. Then we showed daddy and he thought it was a cake when he saw it, and got scared.




Things I like about Monterrey

  • New Friends
  • Nice Weather
  • Mt View
  • New Bird Sounds
  • New Places (El Pollo Loco)
  • Nice People


Things I don't like about Monterrey

  • Bad weather (rain, clouds, mist, and cold)
  • Neighbors Noisy pet (peacocks)
  • Noisy Trucks

Life at campus is different from home. Mommy and Daddy are at meetings most of the time so we are left alone or with one of them. We are usually playing with friends or doing school. It is busy during the day like going places or doing meetings, but sometimes we get the day off and get to relax. We like to play on a trampoline at our friend's house or play on the playground with our friends. That is what it is like on the campus.

The orphans at CHD (Casa Hogar Douglass) are very playful. One day we went to a big park. We rented some bikes and went for a bike ride. The boys went ahead of us for a while but we caught up with them. Daddy pretended to get mad when they passed him. Then we went to McDonald's with them and had ice cream.

One day we were going to recess when Aiden showed us a dead tarantula. It (gave) me the shivers. Then another day we saw a dead tarantula, so we got it on (a plate) and freaked daddy out. It was really funny.



Things I like about Monterrey

  • H-E-B (local grocery store)
  • hot
  • Mountains
  • Buildings


Things I don't like about Monterrey

  • speed bumps
  • traffic

What is it like in Mexico?

It's like hot. There's big cars. There are different food. It's usually light out at night. It's big. It takes a long time to walk to Adian's house.

Can you tell us about some orphans you've met?

Once I went (to an) orphanage. They were playing video games. One of them said, “Would you like to play?“ I said yes. The others were (playing) the (Nintendo) DS. They were very nice.


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