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First Night in Haiti

Haiti is a rough environment. Many local people fight hard to earn the money that they can bring home. Many go without for long amounts of time that they begin to wonder if they will die before they see what they need. Many toil for long periods of time and come up with so little at the end of the week that they can't even take care of themselves. There is desperation and there is greed and there is loss. Hope is hard to come by.

As I sat in the front of an air-conditioned Ford Ranger, feelings began to fight for a bit of my spirit. A soggy Haiti passes by. All the sights were familiar and I could give proper directions to go to the mission home but it wasn't enough to suppress the negative feelings arising in my gut.

Are these the streets that I'm calling home? How are my kids going to survive if this is what's around them? Is my wife going to find comfort in this heat? Can we make this home?


The last question is what I struggled with the most. Home is safety. It is the place I know I can find relief from the troubles around me. It is a sanctuary from exterior forces that demand my attention. If a hard day at work pressed on my spirit, I knew I could find rest and peace at home with my family.

Plans and dreams are flying as we look forward to the work that is ahead of us. For now, we are focusing on packing and preparing. We are able to check-in 3 suitcases, each of us, as we travel to Haiti. This totals 15 checked-in baggage and 5 carry on (adding 5 personal bags). We've learned through the last several months as we moved to Mexico for 6 weeks and Cincinnati for 2 months that we can live on much less than we had in the last several years.

Anna has her challenges in front of her. Pray for her wisdom and patience as she packs our lives into 20 suitcases and prepares for a new school year in a new environment.


Please pray also for our own children. The transition of a new culture and life will hold many challenges.

Thank you for your continued support in prayer and finances as we begin to start the ministry that we have been working toward for the past 2 years. As you may have guessed we have had a successful summer raising funds. I invite you to check back in soon. I will share with you the story God wove this summer to take us from 28% funding in May to 95% in September. It is a story worth telling and I want to give it justice.


'Til then, our family is blessed by our current partners and the love that has been given. This is his church and we are Jesus' bride. In this picture, we are beautiful together.

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