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This is it!

I am pleased to announce that we have set a date to move to Haiti and begin our work on the field. This is a culmination of much prayer, support, and patience. We are grateful for your help and the many who invested their time, energy, and resources into this mission. Together, we are ready to see the fruits of our partnership.

We plan to be in Haiti by the end of September. We are progressing in our reliance on God to provide the last pieces of the puzzle. He has led us for two years and we believe He is ready to bring full funding to our ministry needs. Already we experienced recent and significant increases in the response for financial support and we intend to continue to look for His provision.


The initial part of the plan includes moving to Back2Back's headquarters in Cincinnati for several weeks. There, we will attend meetings that detail mobilization and finalize our efforts to raise support. We have $4,400 out of the $8,645 per month commitments we need to operate in Haiti.

This final sprint to fieldwork requires meetings and presentations to future partners who are excited to care for orphans. We hope that you would consider partnering with us as we bring His healing hands to the children of Haiti. I am happy to meet with you, present to Sunday school classes and small groups, business meetings, etc., in order to extend our network of support.

If you have time to allow us to share this work in Haiti, please contact me (contact dialogue boxes in the left column). If you are interested and have a passion to provide Christ's riches to children in Haiti or would love to come to Haiti and participate in serving these children, please consider partnering with us and Back2Back. We need partners who lift epic prayers to hold the enemy at bay and partners that give so that we can start building Back2Back's presence in Haiti and remain in an effective role serving the "least of these (Matt 25:40)." We are setting out to change the lives of many children in the Port-Au-Prince area with the power of the Holy Spirit. You are welcome to join us.

This is it! We are quickly approaching the time we've been anticipating.

What is happening? I wish I had a truck!
"Can I eat your pizza?"
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