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Training - Monterrey, Mexico

We arrived in Monterrey, Mexico on April 9th to study the work Back2Back Ministries conducts at their campus and in the Mexican community. They focus on the lives of children at risk in 7 children’s homes and several churches. (click on picture to view slideshow)

Our learning began with a Summit for the Marginalized Children called Cumbre Por Los Ninos Marginados, held on April 11-12. This was a conference designed to elevate the awareness for the need of orphan care to local churches and organizations (including the government). The attendance was over 400 in number and many answered the call to step forward to invest in the lives of these children. We prayed over all the individuals who committed and continue to pray over the "request for information" cards that came pouring in at the closing. Please join us in praying for the local development here in Monterrey. The next months are critical in establishing training and communication to develop a quality community of caring for "their own."


The very next day, I enjoyed a canyon adventure with the speakers and guests of Back2Back. Juan Porto guided us through waterfalls, caves, and jumps to experience the grandeur of the Lord's creation. I will forever remember that day. Feel free to view our adventure.

These following weeks have been and will be focused on experiencing the ins-and-outs of how Back2Back operates. Anna and I have intensely worked with groups and individuals both hands-on and in a leadership position. We are learning how to communicate the purpose, history, and relationships we have with the orphan children and care givers to the mission groups. These are broken children and the need for restoration takes painstaking care and patience to overcome the damage and trauma inflicted.

We have also started working on adaptations for Haiti manuals and procedures for care. The purpose and model will be the same but some changes will need to be made to allow for cultural and economic differences.

Our supporters are essential to this process and we are grateful for the prayers and sacrifices given to serve the children around the world.

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