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Fun Time with Grandparents

This is just a little fun we had on the side after church. We stumbled on this "Hamster Water Balls" while walking downdown and across the Purple People Bridge in Cincinnati, OH. The video should explain the rest. I wish I could have gotten in with them!

Interview with Samantha Nichole Fudge


Samantha is our eight year old daughter. She is our oldest of three and we are hoping to share with all of them the importance of the decision that we are making. The call has been received by Anna and I but we want to share some of their feelings with you.

Why are mom and dad changing things so much?
*To help the orphanage and to tell people about Jesus. Because they are trying to get ready to move to Haiti.

What is the best thing about moving?
*You’ll be in a different place, making new friends.

What does it mean to you to “take care of God’s people?”
*That we should help them. Help them if they fall down or if they don’t have enough food or a mom or dad to take care of them.

What do you think you’ll be doing when we move?
*Helping the orphanage. Making new friends. Telling others about Jesus.

What are you doing now?
*Getting ready to move. Playing with my brother and sister. Reading comic books. Doing school.

How do your siblings feel about moving?
*I dunno

What is the worst thing about moving?
*I’ll be away from my family; my grandma and grandpa, and my friends, and my cousins.

I love you Sammi!

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More space for the kids.

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