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Excerps from Samantha's Journal

Three positive things in Haiti will be getting to go swimming all the time. Another positive thing is you'll get to make lots of new friends. The last posotive thing is it will always be warm there, even in winter. The impositive thing is it doesn't snow there, ever! (Editors note: impositive is used for negative.)

The things we ate in Haiti were different. We had rice and beans most of the time. That is what most people have there. The first night we had: rice and beans, bread, and some kind of salad.


The children there were different too. They all had black skin and spoke a different langeg. But they are the same too. They love hand games and loved to touch me because I was a different color.

Church in Haiti is a lot different then Church here. When I went, first some people had a serves (service) and we waited until they were done. Then we went and sat down. We were there what seemed like 3 hours. I think it was long because the people spoke a different langeg. The church was under a roof with no walls.

Pretrip Video

Samantha shares some of her feelings before going to Haiti her first time.


Great job Samantha! This is really awesome!

What a great experience to be able to go to Haiti and explore a new place!

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