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Indoor Orphan '12

The design of Indoor Orphan '12 was to share with everybody the mission that the Lord laid in front of my family. Our hopes are to see many hear the need and partner with us to serve the orphan children all over the world.

We are extremely pleased with the execution of the event. The facility was fantastic and those who attended responded with very positive comments.


There are many who helped and participated. I wish to express my appreciation to all who made this event possible. Because we couldn't be in Cincinnati, Josh and Erin Kuntz organized and prepared with us for weeks prior. We are grateful for their contribution and pray that God blesses their continued pursuits. Crystal Wash, Ryan Emge, Don Kuester, Sara Fudge, Cindy Slick, Jeff Hickman, and Anne and Randy Whedon organized separate aspects of the event that filled Indoor Orphan '12 with fun that everyone could enjoy.

Chris Cox helped immensely as a facilities manager. His knowledge
of Grace Chapel and how it could serve our needs enhanced the
way that we could present our mission and added to the success
of the day as a whole.

Beth Guckenberger's support on stage magnified our impact on those who came. Her encouragement through scripture and narrative never ceases to deepen the work that God does through Back2Back and those she touches.

Jed Zayner took time from his schedule to join us on the field. We enjoyed his presence and grace as he played in a couple of games on the pitch. We were blessed to have him share his knowledge of the game with our youngsters in a clinic he held in the last hour of our event. He is a friend in Christ.

Overall, God blessed this event in ways we've not even discovered yet. I am extremely thankful to all who volunteered their time in helping and providing. The videos and pictures will give some depth to the event and it's impact on our ministry. All thanks to Him who provides!

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