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I really should take some time to describe as best as I can what I’m doing in Haiti right now. After a few days here, I am better equipped to describe the work.

A church organization, run by Leon DorLeans, placed a new church in an area of Port-au-Prince, Haiti called De Repatries.


The Church building took quite a bit of damage in the earthquake and they now meet in a tent on site. The rebuild process has shown considerable thought toward a structure design that can better weather another earthquake. The Haitians struggle to meet the building methods and education that this construction design requires.

My father, Bill Fudge, has made regular month long trips to oversee and execute the building of the School (on the premises) and the church foundations. During his trip through the month of January, he found they needed two more weeks of construction to finish the foundation. He called me to finish overseeing the concrete layout and pouring.

This was a great chance to work some construction in a foreign country and work on my Creole. I have taken advantage of the time to expand the conversational Creole to include construction terms and numbers. It has been a real joy to see the smiles on these guys';faces to know that I'm working hard to communicate with them. It is very humbling as well. They are quick to laugh when I get all my words mixed up. Practice. Practice. Practice.

In some of these shots you can see the existing foundation of the older church. The Haitian construction and design needs significant improvement. I am not an advocate of the great white hope but I've already had many of the Haitian workers express and deep desire for me to teach them some of these things that I have learned through my construction career. It is apparent the difference in quality, aesthetics, and strength even in these pictures of the side by side foundations.

I am very appreciative of this chance to receive experience and confidence in the work that I will be doing while working for BackBack in Haiti. Thanks to my Dad for giving me this opportunity and all who trust me here at Haiti Outreach Ministries (HOM). Thanks also to our supporters who are praying for me and continue to provide the means to serve our Lord God and Creator.

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