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I remember that October night (a year ago) clearly. I remember sitting on my bed reading an email that invited Brent and I to make the next step… to visit Haiti. The feelings began up my arms as goose bumps and landed in my heart. I felt it…. the call. It was my time… my time to answer.
I was excited to share this with Brent. He had been patiently waiting and praying for me. He saw our life, marriage, and family moving in direction with God’s commission of seeking His people. But I was so scared!

Many things had happened in the months leading up to and after our visit to Haiti. God had been using people, lessons, and time as a vessel to my heart change. But I must confess that it was my children who brought clarity to my role and need to answer God’s unhidden will. I want them to see God and experience him. I must set the example by which they will learn and understand who God is and what his love asks of us. And I had been failing. I know that God’s will does not mean we must run into another land. But that is where he was leading us.

The faith step that we were taking involves not just Brent and I but our children too. We sat down and made a list of what we were feeling led to do. Our children’s wellbeing and spiritual growth was at the top of both of our lists. My greatest responsibility and blessing is my children. I want them to become Spirit-filled, responsible, and joyful individuals who have a love for God and others that is pure.

So where is the Lord guiding us? He has led us to a Spirit-directed organization called Back2Back Ministries. After prayerful consideration and personal connections, we have seen that our personal mission will be richly blessed by the established, growing, and effective ministry of B2B. This organization desires to be “the voice of the orphan child”. This is where our hearts have landed. We understand the generational issues of poverty and the need for the orphan to be physically, emotionally, socially, educationally, and spiritually cared for. Back2Back’s goal is that each child would experience restoration to a life of purpose in which they can become fulfilled and mature Christian adults. This is no different than what I desire for my own children. This partnership is truly God breathed and I am excited to see this movement grow.

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