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Green Light

We have purchased ONE WAY tickets for our family to mobilize in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti on October 14.

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This is it!

Let us update you on some new developments in our ministry. We have relocated and hope to share how you can be involved.

Kids Blog - Little Fudges

We can descibe how our training is going in Monterrey, Mexico, but I think more of you want to know about how are kids are doing! Here are some exerpts from their journals to help share some of their thoughts. I hope you enjoy!

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Training - Monterrey, Mexico

A new blog gives an initial look at the training we are receiving during our 6 week stay in Mexico. Our focus is to learn Back2Back DNA in order to begin our work in Haiti. (click on image to go to Blog)

Still in Pursuit

We returned from our trip re-energized and excited to be serving as soon as possible. There are some amazing things that are happening. Support is coming and we are thrilled to be a part of this change!



This website is a tool to help Anna and me communicate with friends, family, and support team. For this initial phase of our ministry, the website serves as an introduction to those of you who do not know what Anna and I are doing. This is not intended to be an expertly designed site and professional journalism but is intended to convey the heart of this mission that God has placed in our path.

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Hi guys! We are soo excited for you....hair on the arm standing up excited!! :) We look forward to praying and watching you through this experience and time in your lives bringing the good news!! Much love from West Branch!!

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